What Problems Farmers are facing every day with irrigation system

Irrigation is known to help improve agricultural production, and while irrigation methods have improved to help increase the income of farmers, there are still numerous irrigation-related hurdles that make it harder for farmers to get income commensurate to their expenditure. The main problems that farmers have around irrigation are

  • Lack of mechanization
  • Inadequate drainage
  • Climate change
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Increased demand for water
  • Water Wastage
  • Old irrigation infrastructure
  • Surface water overexploitation
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An IRRILINE irrigation system is not only a system, it’s a farmer's best friend

IRRILINE, your trusted ally in agriculture, transforms irrigation, addressing pressing farmer challenges. We reduce labor and enhance convenience through modern, efficient systems. Our solutions combat climate change by ensuring consistent crop watering in all conditions. Furthermore, we optimize water usage by connecting to readily available hydrant systems and providing efficient designs. This addresses drainage, reduces water waste, and prevents surface water overexploitation.


Make the sustainable choice with Irriline for efficient, eco-friendly irrigation practices that support farmers and the environment.

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Meet your field and crop irrigation needs with our all-inclusive micro irrigation product line.

Irriline has a wide range of Products

Irriline has proudly served farmers globally since 1988 by providing high-quality irrigation systems and equipment. Browse through our catalog of extruded aluminum tubings, die-cast aluminum fittings, polyethylene tubing, drippers, fittings for sprinklers, and various irrigation systems.

Products At irriline
Side Roll Irrigation Systems
Hand Roll Irrigation Systems
Sprinkler Irrigation Systems
  • Plastic Sprinklers
    • Sprinklers - IR-36P
    • Sprinklers - IR-Junior
    • Sprinklers - IR-36-PC
    • Sprinklers - IR-38P
    • Sprinklers - IR-22 P
  • Brass Sprinklers
    • Sprinklers - IR-30 L
    • Sprinklers - IR-30 / IR-30 AF
    • Sprinklers - IR-32
    • Sprinklers - IR-33
    • Sprinklers - IR-34
    • Sprinklers - IR-34 PC
    • Sprinklers - IR-40
    • Sprinklers - IR-40 PC
    • Sprinklers - IR-15 L
    • Sprinklers - IR-20
    • Sprinklers - IR-25
    • Sprinklers - IR-15 L
Drip Irrıgation
Valves and Accessories
  • PVC Ball Valve
    • Valves and Accessories - Single Union PVC Ball Valve
    • Valves and Accessories - Double Union PVC Ball Valve
    • Valves and Accessories - Flang Type PVC Ball Valve
  • Air Relief Valve
    • Valves and Accessories - Air Relief Valve

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