Venturi Injector With Rota-Meter

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What is new in IRRILINE Tape with Drippers (Irrilite)?

  • Available in:
    • 3/4” 1” BSP/NPT male thread connection : IR-3 with rota-meter
    • 1” BSP/NPT male thread connection: IR-7
  • Delivers plant nutrients directly in to the wetted zone (where the root development is intensive)
  • In-built check valve for protecting the injected liquid against back flow
  • Can be used with a large variety of chemicals
  • Uniform application for fertilizers
  • Saves energy Manpower
Technical Data 3/4″ 1″
Flow Type
Flow Type
Rota-meter Flow Rate Marking
50 – 200 LPH
120 – 400 LPH
Last Count
10 LPH
10 LPH
Venturi Injector Suction Rate Range
46-165 LPH
110 – 450 LPH

Maximum Recommended Length

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